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Who We Are

Sanctuary of the Arts (SOTA) is a collaborative, artist-led institution that operates under three tiers of service to South Florida’s diverse community: 1.) To present world-class national and international talent, 2.) To support and strengthen existing small and medium arts organizations, and 3.) To support the next generation of young artists with an array of mentorship opportunities, including strategic planning, development, production, rehearsal and performance space. We also operate as an umbrella organization, working in collaboration with Music, Dance, Theatre, and Visual Arts organizations and artists in myriad forms of events and performances. Both a presenter and/or producer, SOTA’s reach and impact is exponentially maximized through four resident companies, and over 10 collaborative partners, all leading to a wider audience base, more personal engagement, and ultimately assisting in workforce development of sustainable arts careers.

Our Arts Campus is one-of-a-kind in the nation. Operating within two historically designated properties, we offer two professional size studios, a 314-seat theater, teaching and mentoring classrooms, and offices. The spaces are Wi-Fi equipped for virtual conferencing and teaching, and some are equipped for High-Definition Audio and Video Recording.
Sanctuary of the Arts is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 that operates as an umbrella organization, working in collaboration with Music, Dance, Theatre, and Visual Arts organizations and artists in myriad forms of events, performances, and activities.
Our dynamic team of staff and volunteers is encouraged by the opportunity to bring to South Florida a full season of Performing and Fine Arts.

We welcome your input and look forward to hearing from you!

What We Do

Emphasize and expand our global impact and significance as a cultural gateway destination.
Present, develop and produce work that connects to the cultural identities of our diverse community.
Encourage and present art that delves to create awareness and affect social change.
Provide Professional Artists with expanded training and workforce development opportunities.
Collaborate and work in tandem with educational systems offering, or interested in integrated arts curriculums, that seek to narrow the breach between academic and vocational goals.
Support career-minded youth with professional mentoring and training opportunities in order to access admission into specialized Arts’ schools.
Coalesce, support, and accelerate the work of small to medium size organizations with an array of benefits, resources, and strategic planning designed to empower and strengthen cultural economics for South Florida artists and communities.



The Eidsons are generous contributors of their time, talent, and resources to numerous charitable organizations, and have been especially involved in the cultural life of Miami. Since they moved to Miami in 1972, Mike and Dr. Margaret Eidson have been deeply engaged in supporting the Miami-Dade community with their volunteerism, leadership, and philanthropy. 

Dr. Margaret Eidson is a pediatric endocrinologist who received her M.D. at the University of Miami School of Medicine. Throughout her career in the medical field, she helped develop the nursing curriculum at Georgia State University, taught nursing at the University of Miami, and taught clinical classes at UM School of Medicine while serving as a member of the Curriculum Committee and the Admissions Committee for the school’s Honors Medical Program. Margaret has treated thousands of children during her 30 years of practice at UM/Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Lewis S. “Mike” Eidson is a multi-faceted Renaissance man whose broad interests traverse legal, cultural, and humanitarian arenas. He graduated cum laude from the University of South Carolina, studied history at England’s University of Warwick, and graduated as an Emory University Lamar Law Scholar. After serving as a first lieutenant in the U.S. Army, he moved to Miami with his wife and joined Colson Hicks in 1974. Shortly after, he became a partner of the firm and is currently the president of Colson Hicks Eidson.

Mike and Dr. Margaret Eidson have been dedicated to a wide range of philanthropic interests in health, education, and the arts, among many others. They have supported the University of South Carolina; The UM School of Medicine, FIU School of Law, The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis; the YES Organization, Kidz Hear Now, The American Cancer Society, The American Red Cross, Miami Children’s Hospital, The Guardian Angels, Fairchild Gardens, and more.

The Eidsons have been passionate in supporting the arts and cultural community and have served on the boards of the Coconut Grove Playhouse Theater, Miami Music Association, and Miami City Ballet. Mike served as Chair-Elect for three years and from 2010-2015 served as Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts Trust and is a founding member and Treasurer of the Town Square Neighborhood Development Corporation. In 2013, the Eidsons and pianist Marina Radiushina, formed the Miami Chamber Music Society which has produced and performed more than 70 concerts in Coral Gables and across the county combining all the performing arts and film in a unique format. In 2014, the Eidsons founded the Coconut Grove Playhouse Foundation, Inc. to revitalize the playhouse and create a new theater company to present world-class theater in Miami.

In addition, Mike Eidson has been the recipient of numerous prestigious awards. In 2018, he was selected as one of America’s 50 Most Influential Lawyers by The Trial Lawyer magazine.

In 2019, the Eidsons founded Sanctuary of the Arts Inc.*, a 501c3 Florida non-profit corporation, which has acquired two historically designated properties in the heart of Coral Gables to date.

*Sanctuary of the Arts is quickly becoming a formidable catalyst by propelling local, national, and international arts organizations and artists through an array of supportive services including access to rehearsal, training, and performing facilities, organizational support, and capacity building strategies.

Rafi Maldonado-Lopez has been working for over thirty years in myriad areas of the arts, education, community development, and human services either as a performer, teacher, director, administrator, or producer. He has a diverse and extensive background as a dancer, teacher, and choreographer with both national and international companies. He holds a BA in Arts Management and Applied Arts Education.

After many successful years in development, arts administration, education, and community outreach with organizations such as Minnesota Dance Theatre, New World School of the Arts, and Miami City Ballet he founded the Inter-American Choreographic Institute (ICI) in 2014. In 2018 he became the Founding Artistic Director of Compañía Ballet Metropolitano de Medellin (Colombia). In 2021, he assumed the role of Principal Managing Director for Sanctuary of the Arts.

In 2022, Rafi was named a Knight Arts Champion by the Knight Foundation.

Sanctuary of the Arts – 2023.
410 Andalusia Ave. – Coral Gables, Florida 33134