St. Mary´s Children´s Program - TBA



Summer Dance Kids Program July 25-30 The students that participate in the Summer Dance Kids program will be pedagogically prepared for all variations of dance. In contrast to other dance summer camps, students ages 7-14 will be able to learn and practice a variety of dance modalities such as Ballet, Jazz, Choreographic Composition and Acro- dance with the objective of technical improvement, while also having fun. The students will also learn how to perform in a theater and all the aspects that come with it such as the roles that audio, lighting, and backstage play as well as theater etiquette. The program is designed for students of all levels and backgrounds and is offered at an affordable cost for all students to participate. The students will also be taught in two languages, English and Spanish, to allow for an exchange of knowledge between teachers and students and give the opportunity to broaden the students’ horizons and open them up to new languages and cultures. ​
July 11-16, 2022 The Summer Intensive Choreographic is aimed at semi-professional and professional students between 15 and 30 years old. Participants will not only be able to take classes in Ballet Technique, Pointe Technique, Musical Jazz, Contemporary, Repertory, Pas de deux and Choreographic Composition, but, unlike many programs, they will also choreograph their own pieces in conjunction with their peers. The intensive allows for the exchange between the United States and Latin America and gives participants the opportunity to experience an intensive week of technical and choreographic studies where the main goal is to promote and exchange knowledge. The program will also allow participants and teachers alike the opportunity to explore future collaborations.

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